Max Pine International Holdings Sdn Bhd is a member of Sky Resources Group of Companies since its formation on 2008.


To expedite the growth of the company, the management have recruited a team of creative and talented people in the field of sales, marketing as well as product development into the management and operation of the company in order to breathe a new chapter of life into it.
This new professional team started the operation in May 2012 and within just a short span of a few months has come out with more than 10 new products as well as a yogurt business concept that is both affordable and profitable.


Max Pine International Holdings Sdn Bhd is targeting not just the market in Malaysia but worldwide as well with its new range of products and its yogurt that is highly competitive not just in terms of price but also quality that is comparable to other big names in the market.


Our leading series of product falls under Moringa Life Series including our yogurt line. Moringa is not just a brand. It is also the name of a tree. Moringa tree is also known as the “ Tree of Life” or “Miracle Tree”. It is a tree that is packed full of nutrients and our Moringa Life Series products will include food, health supplements, skincare and cosmetics and many more that is enhanced with the benefits from this tree. Being the first company in Malaysia to come out with innovative, creative and nutritious product based on Moringa we aim to bring the miracles of Moringa tree and the miracles of mother nature to everyone.


To share the healthy goodness of our Moringa Life Series product globally.

To give everyone an opportunity to be an entrepreneur.